Quantum Physics


Angular Wavenumber

 , where:

k = Angular Wavenumber (1/m)

 = Pi

 = Wavelength (m)

Bohr Model Radius

 . where:

rn = Radius at different orbits n (m)

h = Planck's Constant (J*s)

n = Number of Orbit

Z = Atomic Number

e = Elementary Charge (C)

ke = Coulomb Constant ((N*m2)/C2)

me = Electron Mass (kg)

Bohr Radius

 , where:

r = Bohr Radius (m)

 = Dirac's Constant (J*s)

c = Speed of Light (m/s)

 = Fine Structure Constant 

me = Electron Mass (kg)

Bright Fringes in Double-Slit Experiment

 , where:

x = Distance of fringe from central fringe (m)

L = Distrance from slits to screen (m)

n = Number of fringes away from center

 = Wavelength of light (m)

d = Distance between slits (m)

Dirac's Constant

Also known as the Reduced Planck Constant,

, where:

 = Dirac's Constant or Reduced Planck's Constant (J*s)

h = Planck Constant (J*s)

 = Pi