Getting Started

Welcome to What It Equals.

You probably first run into us looking for an equation, but you may have already began to figure out we may be more powerful tool than that.

There are several ways to navigate this site, and which one is most useful will solely depend on what you are looking for:

  1. Use our search bar - excellent choice if you are looking for that one equation.
  2. Navigate, literally.  We have tried to keep everything nicely organized so that you can quickly and easily get to the subject that interests you.  Not sure where to go?  Click on any of the main sections for a good explanation fo what each sub-section contains!
  3. Click on the variables.  If an equation makes perfect sense to you except for that strange-looking greek letter.  You can find out where else that constant appears and some alternatives to calculating it!
  4. Click on the constants - or recite their value off the top of your head!
  5. Click on the operators.  If you always pretend to know the difference between curl and divergence, but in reality tend to get them confused.
  6. Have our code find the equation you need!  You have some variables but need to find another - what equation may that be in?  Simply travel to and begin filtering out the variables and constants you know!  And, of course, please send us a note if you are ever lost, would like some guidance, or have a good idea!


- Team WIE