Ampère's Circuital Law

Also known as Ampère's Law with Maxwell's Correction,


   , where:

 = Curl Operator

B = Magnetic B-Field (T)

Displacement Current

 , where:

J = Displacement Current (A/m2)

 = Electric Constant (Fa/m)

E = Electric Field (N/C)

t = Time (s)

P = Polarization Density (C/m2)

Drift Velocity

 , where:

V = Drift Velocity (m/s)

I = Current (A)

n = Number of Free Electrons per Volume (1/m3) (Charge-Carrying Particles)

A = Cross-Sectional Area

q = Charge of each Electron (C) (Charge-Carrying Particles)

Electromotive Force (emf)

 , where:

 = Electromotve Force (V)

E = Electric Field algined with path between A and B (Conservative Electrostatic Field) (N/C)

 = Dot Product

L = Elemental length of path between A and B

emf of Moving Loop in Magnetic Field

 , where:

 = Electromotive Force (emf) (V)

B = Magnetic B-Field (T)

v = Velocity of Loop (m/s)

L = Height of Loop (m)